DSEX drops below 4900-point mark

BSS, Dhaka :
The broader DSEX index of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) dropped below 4900-point mark on Monday, with losing 50.29 points to finish the session down at 4867.08.
The index remained above 4900-point mark for the 14th consecutive session till Sunday, but gave up most of its gains due to sliding turnover on rising political concern.
The blue-chip DS30 and Shariah DSES also lost 17.07 points and 9.19 points to close at 1803.63 and 1153.27 respectively.
The daily turnover value fell to Taka 285 crore from Sunday’s Taka 251.45 crore, but the volume rose to 7.67 crore shares over the last session’s 6.31 crore shares.
More issues saw price fall on Monday as selling pressure was mounting from individual investors who were continuing cashing in to reduce risks of price fall.
Out of 304 issues traded, only 44 were on the advancing side when 239 declined across the board and 43 remained static.
Like the previous session, shares of A-category was the most losing group when 199 incurred loss against only 33 advancing scrips from this active and large-cap group. Newly listed issues gained some ground on the day, with two were trading at higher than their last closing price though five incurred further losses among seven issues traded.
Number of the losing mutual funds rose on the day to 18 from the previous day’s 15 when only six gained and 11 remained unchanged out of 35 traded scrips.
National Feed Mill topped the turnover leaders on its debut trading followed by NCCBLMF1, NBL, Agni System and United Air.
The day’s top gainer was also the National Feed Mill as its price surged by 323 percent on its ceiling-free debut trading. The other major gainers were Marico, ICB2ndNBR, KPCL and United Insurance.
The major losers were Dacca Dye, Modern Dye, Wata Chemical, Safko Spinning and Libra Infusion.