Country now run by one man: Rizvi

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The country is now run on the orders of an individual, and not by law, the BNP has alleged. “The country is now practicing one ism which is ‘order-ism'”, Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi told a press conference on Sunday.
“It is now run on an order of a person, not by rule of law.” The BNP leader alleged law enforcement agencies such as RAB, police and Border Guard Bangladesh were now carrying out the orders of an individual.
Rizvi possibly pointed to the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, but did not mention her explicitly. He alleged BNP activists were being arrested, abducted and killed across
the country. “Newspapers are running stories of abductions and clandestine killings every day. Opposition leaders and activists are falling victims to these cruel incidents.”
He demanded the immediate release of BNP Joint Secretary General Amanullah Aman and withdrawal of all cases filed against him.
A Dhaka court on Sunday rejected a bail petition by BNP leader Aman and ordered him into jail.
Rizvi alleged whenever BNP leaders and activists were freed from jail on bail they were shown arrested in another case and were again sent back to prison. He alleged local BNP leaders and activists had been threatened ahead of the Upazila polls. Rizvi said, the government was trying to turn the Upazila polls into a joke. BNP boycotted the Jan 5 national polls, but it is joining the upcoming Upazila polls.