Vegetables, fish, egg price rises again

Staff Reporter :
The prices of vegetables, fish and egg increased in the city’s kitchen markets due to supply shortage, traders said. But disagreeing with the view, several consumers said, trading in Bangladesh does not follow economics index.
The price of green papaya, cucumber and tomatoes rose by Tk 10 per kg. The first two items were selling at Tk 40 per kg and Tk 50 respectively on Saturday, while the last one at Tk 45.
Wholesaler Karim Hawlader, trading from Kawran Bazar, claimed that the price of papaya, cucumber, carrot and tomatoes increased due to off seasonal supply scarcity.
The prices of other vegetables, however, remained stable. Aubergine was selling at Tk 30 to 40 per kg, bitter gourd at Tk 30 and okra at Tk 40. Green chilli price remained unchanged, selling at Tk 60 a kg on the day.
The price of egg increased by Tk 4 per hali (four pieces) and was selling at Tk 28. Local onion was selling at Tk35 per kg, while imported Indian varieties at Tk32. Garlic was selling at Tk 55 and imported garlic at Tk80 to 85 per kg, ginger local at Tk 180 and imported ginger at Tk 235 per kg.
The price of potato remained unchanged and the item was retailing at Tk 18 per kg. price of broiler decreased by Tk 10 a kg and the item
was selling at Tk 140 to Tk 150 a kg on Friday. The prices of mutton and beef remained stable at weekend. Mutton was selling at Tk 420-Tk 450 a kg and beef at Tk 270-Tk 280.
The prices of palm oil and super palm oil per litre remained unchanged and were selling at Tk 77-Tk 82 and Tk 84 to Tk 85 respectively over the week. The price of unpacked soybean oil was retailing at Tk 114 to Tk 117 on Saturday. The price of bottled soybean oil remained unchanged and it was selling at Tk 560 to Tk 575 a five-litre container.
Sugar price remained unchanged and the item was selling at Tk 48 to Tk 50 a kg. Garlic price remained unchanged and the item was selling at Tk 75 a kg on Friday. The price of ginger rose was retailing at Tk 160 per kg.
As for fish price, Hilsha (Zatka) was selling at Tk240 to Tk300 per kg. Barbal and the scorpion fish at Tk 700 to Tk each, ruhit at Tk 280 to 450, carp at Tk 230 to Tk 400, lobster at Tk 1,000 to 1,200, pangas at Tk 170 to 200, tilapia at Tk 180 to Tk 230, mola for Tk 250, climbing fish at Tk 250 to 600, lata at Tk 200 to Tk 300, tatkini at Tk 230 to Tk 250, sheat fish at Tk 300 to Tk 500, small fry fish for Tk 250 and butter fish at Tk 660 to Tk 700. Sea fishes Marcel at Tk250 to 270, Surma fish at Tk280 to 340.Besides, the price of different kinds of dry fishes also increased by about Tk 20 to 50 per kg.
The fine varieties of miniket were selling at Tk 48-Tk 50 a kg while the coarse varieties were retailing at Tk 44-Tk 46 a kg on the day. The fine varieties of BR-28 were selling at Tk 42 to Tk 44 a kg and the coarse varieties of parija at Tk 38 toTk 40 a kg on Saturday.