US northeast, Canada dig out from snow

AP, New York :
The US Northeast dug out from a snowstorm that grounded flights, shuttered schools and left a bitter cold in its wake, while a blizzard swept across parts of Atlantic Canada.
The blizzard in Canada closed schools and government offices on Wednesday and disrupted air travel throughout the region. Crews worked to clear roads in blinding conditions.
The atmosphere was particularly frosty in New York, where some residents complained that plowing was spotty and schools were open while children elsewhere in the region stayed home.
Philadelphia saw 14 inches (35 centimetres) of snow and New York City received nearly as much, with parts of Massachusetts socked with as many as 18 inches (45 centimeters).
The weather in the United States seemed more than a bit upside down, with Alaska seeing warmer average temperatures than the Lower 48 states. The average for the Lower 48 midmorning Wednesday was a chilly 22 degrees Fahrenheit (-5.5 Celsius), compared to 24 degrees Fahrenheit (-4.44 Celsius) for the entire state of Alaska, according to calculations by Weather Bell Analytics meteorologist Ryan Maue.
The storm stretched from Kentucky to New England but hit hardest along the heavily populated Interstate 95 corridor between Philadelphia and Boston. As much as 14 inches (35 centimeters) of snow fell in Philadelphia, with New York City seeing almost as much, before tapering off.

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