Unprotected rail crossing kills 31 in 3-yr

Chittagong Bureau :
 The rail accidents have been gradually increasing day by day due to irresponsibility of the crossing gate keepers, it is alleged.
 According to railway sources, atleast 31 persons died and 50 wounded in 47 incidents in the last three years . These accidents were occurred in Railway East Zone areas. Most of the accidents are collision of auto rickshaw, pickup van, truck, minibus, motorbike at the rail crossing gates.
Railway authority blames the motor vehicles for defying the MV Act and it is mandatory not to cross the rail crossing road after signal down but most of the vehicles defy it.
Reliable sources said, in the rail accidents since 2011, 12 persons were killed in 2011 in 15 incidents, 7 killed in 2012 in 17 incidents, and 8 killed in 2013 in 14 incidents and lastly 4 killed in Kalurghat, Chittagong on Tuesday last.
Conscious circles observed, a number of the illegal rail crossing should be closed and full-time gate keepers needed in the rail crossing signals to reduce the unwanted tragic accidents.