Unfolding individual potentialities through education


Dr. M. Azizur Rahman :
All the human beings are assumed to be rational. They are brought up in the family under the close care of their parents. Parents do not intend to make a difference in rearing, bearing and caring between their children. However, in many conservative societies such as there in Indo-Pak-Bangladesh sub-continent, the parents are relatively more careful about bringing up their boys compared to their girls. Normally, the girls get married at the point of crossing their teenage or they are virtually sold out in the marriage market. In the Western society such a discrimination between boys and girls are, however, not very normal. Even the inherited assets and properties are equitable between the sex in the less than conservative society. From the Islamic point of view, a girl usually inherits the half of what a boy is blessed. As is normally thought, every of us wishes to be a big man with a good name and fame in the society. How are all these make a difference between the human? There are many more factors than can be precisely briefed in this small space of writing. Normally, people differ by born. Somebody is born in the educated family, some are in the business or political family being the owner of assets and properties in dignified magnitude. I am not born in the reputed family. What does it mean? Am I supposed to get stuck there in the relatively low layer of the society? What can help me to go up the ladder of socio-economic development? The good education and smartness serve us to raise the people’s well-being like a homeopathic medicine. People who are born with a substantial endowment can start the business as soon as he is grown to make more money. The talented one if availed with the good opportunity and favorable environment can acquire good education and reputation in the society very easily. They are open to choose to brighten their future by a good job or business or a self-employed business etc. Children in the political family are also in a good position to acquire socio-political advantage to be a big man in the society.
All the talented students or everybody with equal socio-economic advantage, politics and business are assumed not to do equitably well. As is normally assumed, class-one government officers and private sector officers are almost equivalently success among the workers. Again, it is also assumed that the highly educated people including those of medicine, engineer and lawyer are the greatly successful member of the society. We understand that children of a family with relatively more land property do very good in life. It does not mean that they do equally good in their own life. Making a bright future is also a function of individual initiative and effort and in raising their children.
Personality of an individual can be defined in many more ways including talent, studious, hard work, interest in games and sports, religious belief and family and social connection etc. Among the educated individuals are the talented, studious and industrious in the society. It is interesting to note that the successful individuals are normally have good health. They are the man of sound body and sound mind. At the same time, it is not very interesting to note that all of them are not very religious. Middle and upper middle class people and their children should be lessoned about the importance of religious value. It is our job to provide the safety and security in the human life and living. Strong law and order and strong judiciary system are very important to provide such a social security. However, these are alone not sufficient either. Increasing the moral values of the family and the society and the individual morality are overly important. These people are also interested in maintaining a good connection with the family and society which is very helpful for anybody to socially go up. It may also be noted that most of the successful men in the society used to have a good chance to expand by going to good schools and colleges. Once again, people have to be very hard working with sincerity and honesty in their student life. It is, however, assumed that luck and talent go together. The lucky one becomes relatively more successful. Repeatedly speaking, studying hard goes positively with the comprehensive help and cooperation by the parents including their financial assistance. Additional factors are personal initiatives and the confidence in affordability. The awareness and education of the parents are overly important as the awareness will ask the parents to bring up the children as the qualified citizen. However, owning the relatively large area of land is not directly very much related to the success of their children. The middle class families holding minimum amount of the land properties are relatively more successful in raising their children. As it is assumed, the middle class families are relatively more conceived with the ambition of social success. In fact, such parents are very active in providing direct cooperation to bring up their children.
The people failure in life are relatively more offended by their personal and family poverty. However, reasons are different for the girl’s failure in life. The privilege and the environmental opportunity are relatively less in the conservative societies including India, Pakistan and Bangladesh where the superstition is the prime constraint to women empowerment. In many societies, the higher education facilities are not geographically distributed in an equitable fashion. In reality, the education and paying attention to studies do not have any substitute in the effort of earning a success in life.
As is noted elsewhere, the poverty and lack of finance are the principal constraint to help grow up the children and earn their success in life. However, we can compensate our poverty by our talent and hard work and the will power.
Among the job holders and their children are assumed to be relatively more successful in life but all job holders are not equally good in raising their children. It is important to note that the class-one officer both in the public and private sector and the all kinds of teachers from high school to college are relatively more successful to help their children in earning a success in life (eg. see: reference to Dr. Md. Abul Quashem). Among the other successful ones are the entrepreneurs, investors including all kinds of employers are considered very successful parents in raising their children successfully. However, the employment opportunity and the availability of educational institution locally are considered as the important factor. The middle class families and some of upper middle class and their children are doing better in life. It is noteworthy that parents’ educational qualification at the secondary and higher secondary level at minimum are very important in increasing awareness and raising their children.
Once again to repeat that the successful men used to be talented, studious and hard working in their student life. In their student life, the successful men used to pay attention to their family and social connection. Many of the successful ones did not pay enough attention to the sports and games and their religion. They used to be very attentive to their own study. These are the positive characteristics in their students life to acquire the success in the society. Among the reasons for failure in life are the lack of interest and attention in their study. For these people in life, family poverty and the lack of finance used to be significant constraint. The prime constraint of some women’s failure in life is the superstition and the lack of willingness by their parents. Among the other constraints for the women are the lack of availability of the educational institution locally and the transport facilities in particular. In conclusion, to be success in life, willingness and interest in going to school do not have any substitute. Family poverty and lack of finance may be compensated to some extent by utilizing the God gifted talent through hard work. It is, however, noteworthy to mention that it is necessary to provide financial assistance by the parents as well as the government to the poor and meritorious students. Educational institution should be established among the region with an idea of its equitable distribution geographically. For this purpose in particular, the role play by the central-and local government is very important. For the women in particular, let us get rid of superstition by advising the parents to be relatively more aware in taking initiative for the girls’ education.

(Dr. M. Azizur Rahman is Vice-Chancellor, Uttara University Dhaka, [email protected])