UGC for changing admission test method

Campus Desk :
The University Grants Commission (UGC) has strongly recommended an amendment of 1973 ordinance including the enrollment test of different universities of the country to ensure qualified students’ entry in higher education. UGC published its latest annual report containing some recommendations. UGC Chairman Prof AK Azad Chowdhury handed over a copy of the report to the universities’ chancellor President Abdul Hamid.
UGC recommends such after an extensive criticism about ‘Common Admission Test Method’. There have been errors in the question paper and question has been leaked in our current system. Students have to fight for admission into a university, though most of them do not get the opportunity to admit after attending 10 or more universities admission test.
The second test required to get admitted into the expected university. By this time students usually fall two years’ backward if they cannot get the chance.
In addition, students have to go different places to attend university admission test. Recently, the combined method admission failed to see the light due to the opposition of top universities.
The current admission process is too expensive for students. Admission tests are only a very short form of board examination and the test quality is now questioned. Errors have been caught in the question paper more than one time. The question has allegedly been leaked. Students, achieving good results in board examinations, if fail in one-hour short test for any reason, they are unable to enroll in the desired institution. The Commission believes it an unfair treatment to them. Besides, in the current method, students have to be attended 6-10 universities admission test and they waste most of the time in coaching centers.
UGC recommends radical reform in the admission process of the Common Admission Test System though top universities raised objections against the recommendations of the UGC.
UGC Chairman Prof AK Azad Chowdhury said there are 34 public universities in the country. If anyone wants to study their preferred subjects, they have to take part in 10-15 universities’ admission test. Students and parents are to be harassed. Their money and times are spent. They do not have to spend so much time and money if the admission method turns into the combined test methods.
He said, one test for humanities, one test for social science and one test for sciences can be taken. Prof Chowdhury said, America has launched such methods in their universities. Student could apply to any university with the obtained number from Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

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