Two friends in face-to-face

Entertainment Report :
In the field of TV play, beginning of their careers were contemporary. For this reason, from the beginning of their acting careers they have been maintaining a good friendship, which is still remaining. They are not only become successful actors in media but also working as booming directors now. They are Mir Sabbir and Shahriar Nazim Joy.
Two new drama serials – Noashal, directed by Mir Sabbir and Ghorwali Porwali, directed by Joy are going to air from this month. In fact, these two popular actors and directors are going to face-to-face with their serials which contexts are absolutely different to each other.
Therefore, today, January 8, is the birthday of both Sabbir and Joy. Both of them will celebrate their birthdays along with their family members.
Mir Sabbir will pass the whole day along with wife Farzana Chumki and two sons – Mir Farsat and Mir Taraz, while Shahriar Nazim Joy will pass the day along with his wife Ananya and only son Aayat. But these two friends have planned to pass sometimes with each other. They will talk about sorrow and joy of their lives.
Therefore, they will plan their futures about their works in media, Sabbir and Joy informed yesterday.
While talking about his friend Joy, Sabbir told this correspondent, “In case of friend, Joy is really a perfect real friend of mine. He has an emotional mind like children. He is very serious about his work. In fact, he is really a nice friend of mine.”
On the other hand, Joy shared his feelings about Sabbir by this way, “We who had started our acting careers in media among them, Sabbir is the most successful till now. He has an ability to mix with anybody, which I can’t do most of the time. He has another quality to continue relationship with his known persons.”
It may be mentioned that in TV play, Joy started his career by TV play ‘Anyomone’ under the direction of late Bulbul Ahmed against Tazin Ahmed. Later he came into limelight to perform in then two popular drama serials – Bileti Bilash and Konya Kumari.
On the other hand, Mir Sabbir came into limelight to perform in drama serial Bishkanta, directed by Ananta Hira.
Sabbir and Joy firstly performed together in TV play Sukher Tori under the direction of Ananta Hira. Later they had performed together in many plays.
Joy directed first TV play was Golir Mukhe CD’r Dokan, while Sabbir directed first TV play was Barishal Bonam Noakhali.