Tips to get used to new high heels

Life Desk :
Roughening up the sole, taking a ‘test drive’ and spraying your feet with deodorant are some of the tips given out by model Marie Helvin which can help you ease into your new high heels. Here is a complete list:
* Make the sole rough: Every time you buy a new pair, take a pair of scissors to the bottoms to roughen them up. Spitting on the soles of shoes also helps. Some use hairspray to give them a bit more grip.
* Wear your shoes once you get home: No matter how silly it feels to be walking round in stilettoes in your pyjamas, give it a test drive. That way you can work out which bits of the shoe rub your feet. Then you stick fabric plasters on the painful bits of your feet, briefly soak them in water before slipping straight back into your shoes and walking around again. This will let your shoes mould. When you do wear your shoes again, they shouldn’t rub.
* Tape toes: If you walk in an unsteady manner while wearing heels, tape your third and fourth toes along from your big toe together. Just make sure you are not wearing open-toes shoes. This will keep foot muscles aligned, which allows the ball of your foot to be steadier.
· Use deodorant, nail file and Vaseline: Spray your feet with deodorant beforehand to stop sweating and increase friction, which will help avoid blisters. You can also use a nail file to rub away any rough edges inside your shoes and coat them with a thin layer of Vaseline. This will avoid sharp edges rubbing and causing you pain or blisters later on.