Readers' Forum: Stop death on roads


Death is painful. But some deaths are more painful, particularly when reckless driving of transports, assassins’ black hands, pang of hunger and absence of treatment cause it. We cannot stop death because it is the Decree of Allah, but we can check unnatural death if we are careful and apply laws properly.
In Bangladesh, every year thousands of people die in road accident. There is painful example of death of as many as 52 school children at Mirersarai in Chittagong because of the driver’s carelessness few years ago. We cannot say whether the guilty driver has been punished because we have forgotten the carnage by this time and we also do not know why the newspapers and the television channels do not keep eyes on the continuous development.
Every man will die. But every thing will not be finished with it. Every man and every woman shall stand for trial in the Court of Allah. The two angels recording every man’s daily transactions will prosecute the accused, who will give evidence against himself. The Angels of death will also produce the victims to give witnesses. Finally Allah will give the judgment to be announced by Jibrail.
However, no man will die until he sees the terrible appearance of the two recorders- angels.

Ameer Hamzah