Steps taken to produce poisoned free vegetables in Narsingdi

M.A. Awal, Narsingdi :
Everyday we are eating vegetables, But ever we think that we are eating slow poison by eating poisonous vegetables.
|Farmers of Bangladesh regularly use chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the vegetables fields. As a result people are being attacked with various diseases including diarrhea, Jaundice and deadly debases cancer by eating this vegetables Recently Department of Agriculture Extension Narsingdi has taken necessary steps to produce poison free vegetables. The Department have been given knowledge to the farmers on the bad effects of using pesticide and chemical fertilizer on vegetables fields and also being given them training o pest Management.
Because of the training and motivation, a large number of farmers of the district are now quite aware on the harmful effect of using chemical fertilizers in their vegetables fields, they are now inspired to cultivate poison free vegetables using vermin compost and others organic fertilizer avoiding chemical fertilizers and pesticide on their land.
Narsingdi district is a leading vegetable productive areas in the Country. Usually supply 50 percent of its production to the capital and others districts.
Various kinds of vegetables grow plenty both in winter and summer season in the district like been Brinjal, Gourd, Sweet gourd, Radish, Lalshak, Palongshak, Poi-shak, Data shak, ladies finger, kokral, Koida, Karalla, Cucumber, Jingha. DAE sources said over one lakh tones of vegetable have produced in the district both in the district both in the summer and winter season.
Deputy Director Department of Agriculture extension (DAE) Mokshad Ali said farmers of the district are now well skilled to produce poison free vegetables. He said a good number of farmers of the district are now cultivating poison free vegetable and achieving economic self reliance. Experts, local people and officials of the district said that those who were cultivated vegetables by using natural organic fertilizers.
 They are now quite aware of harmful effect on the production of vegetables using chemical fertilizers. Sapna and santa Begum, the two house wives of village Hosanpur under Belabo upazila in the district have achieved tremendous success in producing huge quantity of poison free vegetable like, Bean, gourd and Brinjal at their homestead during the last winter vegetable season by using vermin compost.

 During the present summer vegetable season they also cultivated various vegetables like Karalla, koida, kakral, Jingah cucumber and sweet gourd at their homestead and getting excellent yield of vegetables. Now they are very happy by selling vegetables at highest price. The demand of poison free vegetables is more and rate is high in the local market then vegetable produce by using chemical fertilizer.
Like Sapna and Santa a good number of women in different villages of the district are now inspired to cultivate poison free vegetables in their homestead by using vermin compost. They women made the vermin in their home by the assistant of different NGOS.