Rural women contributing largely in alleviating poverty

BSS, Rangpur :
The rural women have been contributing largely in alleviating abject poverty, enhancing rural economy and attaining self-reliance through various income-generating activities in the northern region in recent years.
Many of them have changed their fortune with their own initiatives, capacities and potentials through properly utilising local resources to set up a glorious example of difference saying good-bye to their abject poverty once for all.
The successful women including landless and distressed, divorcees and widows, young girls and housewives of dozens of villages are now confident about their future with smiling faces because of their achieved economic success.
Head of Programme Coordination of RDRS Bangladesh Monjusree Saha said the rural women have achieved the success through sewing handloom readymade garments, animal husbandry, poultry, homestead gardening, farming fruits, vegetables and other agri-activities.
Social expert and NGO activist Sumona Sharmeen said rural women have changed their fates by farming vegetables, setting up smaller cottage industries and enterprises, social afforestation, micro-credit activities, VGD and other government programmes.
Many distressed women have achieved self-reliance from government’s social safety net programmes that created huge income-generating opportunities and jobs, District Relief and Rehabilitation Officer of Rangpur Abdus Salam said.
Executive Director of Northbengal Institute of Development Studies Dr Syed Samsuzzaman said many of the rural women had to live under miseries due to abject poverty and their children could not go to the primary schools for education in the pasts.