Readers’ Voice

Inadequate number
of NICUs

The birth of every healthy baby brings joy to the family. On the other hand, after birth, the illness or death of the newborn brings affliction to the family. Sadly, more than 30 in per thousand children die within 28 days of delivery in Bangladesh. Every year the number of these premature deaths is 62 thousand. One of the reasons for this is inadequate NICU for newborns.
According to UNICEF, 88pc of neonatal deaths are preventable. Therefore, the number of NICUs must be increased to prevent neonatal deaths in the country. Currently, only 36 districts and four regional hospitals have special care units. But every district needs allocation for NICU. Setting up NICUs can be a necessary step toward implementing the government’s target of reducing the neonatal mortality rate to 12 per thousand by 2030 to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Also, steps should be taken to make the cost of NICU affordable so that people from the lower class can also try their best to save their children. This will make the path to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals easier. Hence, drawing the attention of the Ministry of Health to set up NICUs in every district and reduce premature neonatal mortality.

Sifat Rabbani
Political Science Student, JnU

Save our earth

In this busy world, we are running to earn money. We ignore our society, we ignore our social responsibility, literally we become a merciless man to our family and most of us indifferent to protect our natural beauty or plant trees.
The loss of trees and other vegetation can cause climate change, desertification, soil erosion, fewer crops, flooding, increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and a host of problems for indigenous people. When our future generation will know that we only earned money, ate money, planted money and encouraged them to earn money to build luxury life, they will never forgive ours. They will curse and blame us.
Therefore, let’s be aware and make aware people of the bad impact of deforestation.

Nazim Hossain
BBA Student, IU, Kushtia