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Communal attack must end

Last parliamentary elections are marked with waves of violence, particularly against minority communities. Some villagers especially in Jessore district were attacked and forced to flee home. The political blame game continues centering the issue. One of the major opposition party denied the allegations and demanded neutral investigation and exemplary punishment for those who were involved in the heinous crime.
Blame game to clear hands by political parties has been encouraged as communal crimes have not always been properly investigated in the past. People demand such impunity must end. People irrespective of their religion deserve protection by the law and the sate is obliged to provide that.
We must make sure that crimes are thoroughly investigated and criminals are punished to the fullest extent of the law. It also has to be ensured that victims and their families should also be adequately compensated. Law enforcement authorities have a solemn duty to ensure that all people can live without any fear of being attacked.

Ziaul Ahsan
Banani, Dhaka

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