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A sharp contradiction

When I compare January of 1972 with January of 2014, the difference is so vast that I feel deep anguish. At that time people were celebrating winning the liberation war, eyes sparkling with joy and happiness, hearts filled with hopes for a prosperous and peaceful country. But now everything has changed, the eyes have become dark and empty, the hearts have become filled with great fear and uncertainty, they feel that the freedom has been snatched away from them, as their voting rights have been taken away.
The Prime Minister is continuously blaming the opposition for this condition, not admitting that the situation came to this stage for the decision of abolishing the CTG. Sensing Awami League might lose the election, the PM thrust the country to a perilous condition. By staging a farcical election, Awami League came to power again and the Prime Minister announced that she will be ‘tougher’ in the future. She is already extremely tough in her dealings, we are afraid to think what the ‘tougher’ will look like.
May Almighty Allah save the people of Bangladesh from further suffering.

Nur Jahan

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