Pro and anti Maduro clashes in Venezuela: 3 die

Maduro says the Venezuelan people must defend the "Bolivarian Revolution"" launched by Hugo Chavez."
Maduro says the Venezuelan people must defend the "Bolivarian Revolution"" launched by Hugo Chavez."

BBC Online :
Supporters and opponents of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro have taken to the streets of the capital, Caracas, in rival marches.
The demonstrations come at a time of growing political tension in Venezuela. Three people were killed during anti-government protests on Wednesday, and some 100 students were arrested.
 Maduro accused the opposition of stirring up trouble as part of a coup plot and urged his supporters to march for peace on Saturday. Government supporters began arriving at Venezuela Square, in central Caracas, in the morning.
They were dressed predominantly in red or in Venezuela’s national colours – blue, yellow and red.
Hours later Maduro addressed thousands of his supporters in Bolivar Avenue. The march was broadcast live on national television.
“I call all the people to the streets in order to defend peace,” he said.
He warned that his government would not give in to those he described as “fascists,” including former president of neighbouring Colombia, Alvaro Uribe. “Alvaro Uribe is behind this, financing and directing these fascist movements.
“He intended to use a Venezuelan television channel [NTN24] to do the same they did on 11 April 2002,” Maduro said, referring to a failed military coup against the late President, Hugo Chavez.
Nicolas Maduro during rally in Caracas Maduro says the Venezuelan people must defend the “Bolivarian Revolution” launched by Hugo Chavez
 Uribe, a centre-right politician, was a fierce enemy of Chavez and accused the late president of supporting Colombia’s largest rebel group, the Farc.
 Maduro said police had been looking for opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, accused of ordering “all these violent kids, which he trained, to destroy half of Caracas to then go into hiding”.
 Lopez has not been seen in public since an arrest warrant was issued for him on Wednesday. The United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, has issued a statement expressing concern by the rising tensions in Venezuela.
“We are particularly alarmed by reports that the Venezuelan government has arrested or detained scores of anti-government protestors and issued an arrest warrant for opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez,” read the statement.