Padma Bridge: Overall dev reaches 10pc

UNB, Dhaka :
The overall development of the much-talked about billion dollar Padma Multipurpose Bridge has so far reached
only 10 percent, according to an official document.
In the completed 10 percent, most the works of land acquisition, land development and rehabilitation have been done. However, there was very little progress of the construction of the main bridge, river training, construction of approach road, and Bridge & Facilities.
“The detailed designs of these works have been completed,” said the official document.  
As a result, the government included the biggest ever project of the country in the ‘Fast Track Project Monitoring Committee’ to oversee the development of the Project that would give the country a hype in the economic sector.
The official document on the Padma Bridge was discussed at a meeting held at the Prime Minister’s Office on January 22 with Committee Chairperson Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the chair.
As per the official document, the government invited technical tender from four pre-qualified contractors for the estimated US$ 1329.30 million main bridge and road and rail viaduct. Of them, three contractors bought tender documents and submitted their technical offers on January 9 of this year.
For the estimated $ 777.20 million river training project, the government invited technical bids from six pre-qualified contractors. Of them, five contractors bought the tender documents.
The work order for 36 month-long, Tk 1097.39 crore project, for Jazira approach road, toll plaza and other facilities had been given on October 8 last year. The real progress of that project is three percent till December last while the monetary progress was 18 percent.
On the other hand, the work order for Tk 193.40 crore project for Mawa approach road, toll plaza and other facilities had been given on November 13 last year. The timeframe for the project was fixed as 30 months. The real progress of that project is one percent till December last while the monetary progress was 16 percent.
The work order for Tk 208.71 crore project for Service Area-2 had been given on November 13, 2013 with the timeframe of 30 months. Real progress of this project is one percent with sixteen percent monetary progress.
Meanwhile, the project cost of Padma Multipurpose Bridge is likely to increase by Tk 12.21 billion for additional 1.3 kilometer river training and relocation of ferry, launch and speed boat ghat and bus terminal to Kandipara from Mawa point.
As per the project design, the river training at Jazira point was estimated to be 12 kilometres while it was 1.5 kilometres at Mawa point. But another 1.3 kilometres river training will be needed at Mawa point due to serious river erosion in the proposed project area last year.
The river training at Mawa point will now be 2.8 kilometres from 1.5 kilometers in the Revised Development Project Proposal (RDDP).
Earlier, the government estimated Tk 4,387.71 crore for river training for the Padma Multipurpose Bridge (PMB) and now the estimate would increase to Tk 5087.71 crore.