Most pvt health centres in city fail to deliver

UNB, Dhaka :
People seeking healthcare services in the capital’s private hospitals and diagnostic centres are largely being deceived as most of these healthcare institutions are run without adequate doctors and facilities, claimed officials at the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).
About 80 percent of some 60 private healthcare establishments in the capital were found to be flouting the rules imposed by the government in one way or other, including the overall tendency of operating without the required number of graduate doctors and health assistants, said the officials.
Talking to UNB, DGHS deputy director Dr Swapan Kumar Tapadar, also the chief of the committee entrusted with the monitoring of private hospitals in the capital, said it was found during the inspection that most of the private healthcare institutions neither have the required number of doctors, diploma nurses nor the necessary space for a patient.
He also noted that although at least one medical technologist is supposed to be on duty round the clock in pathological centres, the lab attendants were found to be carrying out the works of medical technologists in many centres.
Besides, there is a lack of necessary equipment in many diagnostic centres, Swapan said.
According to the DGHS, there are 3,827 government-approved private clinics and 8,111 pathological centres across the country and over 1500 of these are located in Dhaka city.