Ganajagaran march attacked again

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Ganajagaran Mancha’s road march against communal violence was again attacked, this time at Dinajpur.
Earlier, hand bombs were lobbed at the vehicles used for the road march as they entered Bogra on Friday evening. Five activists were injured.
The march was heading towards Gaibandha and Rangpur and was entering Dinajpur when it came under attack. correspondent Suliman Niloy, who is travelling with the activists, said hand bombs along with stones were hurled at the vehicles at
around 7pm when they were near Dosh Mile bazaar in Dinajpur’s Ranir Bondor Upazila.
Hand bombs and stones were hurled at one vehicle and another was hit by brickbats. The attacks could not inflict much damage though.
The activists of Ganajagaran Mancha, a mass platform for maximum penalty for war criminals, were targeted with hand bombs at Bogra’s Sherpur’s Sherua Bottola, Banani Bypass and Shahjahanpur’s Potki bridge between 7pm and 8pm on Friday.
The road march faced no unpleasant events while it was in Gaibanda or when it crossed Rangpur. The activists held road rallies, attended by numerous people, in several places in the two districts.
Ganajagaran Mancha’s centre in Shahbagh is chalking out a programme to protest the bomb attack in Dinajpur. A procession was held in protest against the attack in Bogra on Saturday evening.