Interview with Asahi Shimbun: Election free of govt control is the solution

Mainul : In answer to a question from Shibata Naoji, Senior International Correspondent of the renowned Japanese daily the Asahi Shimbun Barrister Mainul Hosein has explained that an election free of government control is the easy solution for peace and stability in Bangladesh.Barrister Hosein gave the interview to Shibata at his law chamber yesterday.He elaborated that a government controlled election is nowhere called a free election. So for a peaceful solution we must have the election to be free of government control.Barrister Mainul has expressed his surprise that although there is an easy solution to the grave crisis now looming before the nation destroying lives and economy of the country and yet it is being shown as unresolvable peacefully even with international help.His considered view is that for a free and fair election the need for eliminating government control over election is not negotiable. To the pointed question of Shibata that the people of Bangladesh who were so keen for democracy how it is that democracy is appearing unworkable, Barrister Hosein agreed with him that it was not to happen like that. But, he added soon after attainment of independence with the help of India we experienced a hidden agenda in our politics to go for one-party dictatorship denying them the right to have a government of their choosing believing in their belief.Barrister Mainul has emphasized the need of international help and cooperation for the reason that the cause of free election is not merely a cause for political parties to be resolved through negotiation it is the people’s cause.In clarifying the point Mr Hosein has said that an election concerns the people and their voting rights to choose their own government and this right of the people is upheld by the charter of the United Nations as the people’s democratic right, he added.According to Mr Hosein the whole exercise of the election held unilaterally on 5th January was to establish one-party rule by changing the Constitution and organizing election time all party government through distribution of ministries. The official opposition party the BNP was also invited to join and become ministers in this one party election plan with no opposition.About the seriousness of the situation Barrister Mainul is of the view that destroying democracy means denying people’s wishes in running the affairs of the country. Our people who fought for long for democracy will not accept this conspiracy against them.Mr Hosein has made known his deep anxiety that a civil war like situation is upon us so it is only natural that not only the people of Bangladesh but also the international community should find the crisis in Bangladesh terribly disturbing.While pointing out peaceful and non-communal nature of our people Barrister Mainul said that the political instigation for creating a political crisis for us not to be able to live together in peace must be stopped on an urgent basis.Barrister Hosein has said he understands the concern of Japan about the situation in Bangladesh but has assured the senior journalist that with the help of friends like Japan we hope to overcome the crisis soon.

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