Dense fog hits flight schedules

The landing of several flights of Bangladesh Biman was delayed on Wednesday for several hours due to thick fog in last 48 hours.
The planes landed at Shahjalal International Air Port after three to five hours of the scheduled time. The flights were coming to Dhaka from the Indian city of Kolkata and the Middle East countries, Biman Air Traffic Control Room sources said.
Dense fog began to envelop the city of Dhaka from the small hours of night lasting for hours. As a result, many planes could not land at Shahjalal International Airport in time. Planes coming from India landed at 6 pm instead of scheduled 3 pm.
Besides, an Indian Airline’s flight that left Dhaka for Kolkata landed at Kanpur Airport at midnight on Wednesday night.
According to a passenger, the pilot diverted the plane towards Kanpur as the plane could not land at Kolkata due to dense fog.