Deepa Khondaker in social awareness related TVC

Entertainment Report :
“I have worked as a model in a social awareness build up television commercial (TVC) very eagerly. I took my payment in this TVC, which was really not mentionable. It was honorary,” said popular TV actress and model Deepa Khondaker while sharing her feelings after performing in a social awareness build up TVC recently.
Recently Creative Media Ltd has made five TVCs on family planning issues. Of those TVCs, Deepa has performed in one. Under the agreement of Family Planning Department these TVCs were approved.
Topics of the TVCs are: oral pill, service of pregnant women, early marriage, taking care of pregnant mother and condom.
Besides Deepa Khondaker, her husband Shahed Ali Sujon, Rokeya Prachi, Mahmud Sajjad, Jinia, Shirin Akhter, Tutul, Nargis, Bimol Banerjee, Anjuman Ara Bakul, Sadia Mim, Sonia, Rumi, Kona, Mintu, Nupur Islam, Gulshan Ara Poppy, Shirin Bakul, Abu Bakar Tuhin, Nilpori Mim, among others, performed in these TVCs.
These five TVCs will go on air in different satellite channels from March 20, Deepa said.