Benefits of climbing the stairs

Life Desk :
A latest research suggests that climbing stairs is considered to be one of the best ways to burn up calories and strengthen your heart. According to a British survey, climbing stairs is directly associated with reduced risk of heart diseases, reports TOI.
It is said that an overweight person can lose up to twelve pounds by climbing two flights of stairs a day for a year. Only strenuous activities like dragging logs and sprinting seem to burn up more energy per minute than climbing stairs. Regular stair climbing is also a beneficial augmentative exercise in a vigorous cardiovascular workout.
Burns more calories: Stair climbing engages your body’s largest muscle groups to repeatedly lift your body weight up, step after step. Thus using your muscles to carry your own weight is far higher to running as compared.
Maximises your cardio efforts: It also raises your heart rate immediately thus maximizing your cardio benefits. Increases core muscle strength: Climbing stairs is a great way to amp your core muscle strength.
Tones and sculpts your body: It also engages every major muscle in your lower body – glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves to exercise and thus tones your body better.
Low impact workout: You don’t have to ideally sweat it out while climbing stairs. Just a few stairs every day will give you a good workout.

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