An old dream has come true

Ven. Prajnananda Mahathera :
Parbattya Bouddha Sangha is a non-political and non-profit able organization. Shakyamuni Bouddha Vihara was established at Mirpur in the capital Dhaka by this organization with a view to making a holy place for the indigenous Buddhists working for a livelihood in governmental, semi-governmental, private and NGO sectors across the 64 districts of Bangladesh including the capital Dhaka where they can perform their life-long cherished culture and rituals of Buddhism and above all, it can be the meeting place of all indigenous Buddhists.
At the initial stage of founding the Vihara, whose relentless effort, heroic performance, sacrifice and prudence are specially worthy to mention, they are Ven. Bimal Tisyo Mahathera, late queen Binita Roy (Former Advisor of honorable Presdient of Bangladesh), late Mr. Upendra Lal Chakma (Former MP and advisor of honorable Presdient of Bangladesh), Former High Commissioner Mr. Saradindu Shekar Chakma, Dr. Niru Kumar Chakma, Dr. Pradanendu Bikash Chakma, Lt. Col.(Ret.) Mong Kieu Marma and late Krishna Mohan Chakma (Engineer) etc.
With the continuation of this establishment, there became Banophool Complex centering the Shakyamuni Bouddha Vihara, and at this very complex, in 1990, there was founded Banophool Shishu Sadan and Banophool Primary School.
The present Banophool Adibashi Green Heart College is the extended and developed form of this school. I am paying deep gratitude to them by mentioning their names whose unflagging support and sincere cooperation backed the founding of this college.
Banophool Adibashi Foundation Trust as well as the Trust is very lucky that we have got 105 fresh and old, skilled and experienced, higher university degree holder teachers for a well organized and excellent management, who are committed to give the students a strong foundation throughout the primary, secondary and higher secondary stages with a view to moulding up promising and good citizens from our next generation.
The concerned members of the indigenous community of three hill districts have been fostering a dream of establishing an institution, beautiful in all respects, since ages which will be conducive to a secular and friendly educational environment for both hill and plain land children.
Their age old dream has come true with the establishment of our Banophool Adibashi Green Heart College.
The Trust as well as the College Authority has introduced English medium in parallel with Bangla medium up to 12th Class gradually. With that course of planning, class XI has been started in English medium. To bestow more skill in English, in every class, there are some additional books beside National Curriculum.
It is the ultimate truth that Education makes a person courteous and confident. Making such type of person is the primary aim of this institution.
We firmly believe that this educational institution will ensure welfare to all people irrespective of nationality, creed or caste. We seek active cooperation and aid from the people of Dhaka and Mirpur area to achieve this goal. May the son of mankind, the Buddha accompany us.

(Ven. Prajnananda Mahathera is Founder of Banophool Adibashi Green Heart College.)