2nd phase of Ijtema from Jan 31: Akheri Munajat today

The first phase of the Biswa Ijtema entered its 2nd day on Saturday with Islamic scholars from different countries delivered sermons on various faculties of Islam amid chanting the name of Almighty Allah. Defying the cold lakhs of devotees patiently listened to the sermons and offered Namaz (Prayer).Maulana Abdul Wahab from Pakistan delivered sermons in Urdu after the Fazr (Dawn) Prayer, Maulana Omar Faruk from Bangladesh translated the sermons in Bengali.As per tradition, dowry-free mass weddings were also conducted in the Ijtema venue. This year the marriage of over 100 couples were solemnised after the Asr Prayers on Saturday. Maulana Zubayerul Hassan from Delhi, India conducted the ceremonies. The first phase of Ijtema will end with Akheri Munajat today (Sunday) to be followed by the second phase from January 31 to February 2. People from 32 districts will attend the second phase.Tablig Jamaat has been organising the Biswa Ijtema every year since 1946. It is non-political and an annual event.About 7,000 foreigners from 20 countries, including Pakistan, India, Qatar, Australia, Denmark and Germany arrived in Bangladesh for the same purpose, Tablig Jamaat sources said.Though there are restrictions on women’s participation in the Ijtema, several hundred women from different districts rented houses adjacent to the venue to listen the sermons.A five-layer security system has been designed to avert any unpleasant incident. Over 20,000 uniformed and plainclothes members of police, RAB and intelligence agencies are doing their duties nicely and carefully. Thousands of volunteers are also serving the devotees round the clock. Free medical camps have been set up in the Ijtema field to provide immediate medical assistance to ailing devotees.