A friendship day letter to a tiny whisper!


Anika Nashat Matin :
Hello Evan!
I am writing this letter to you so that you can take it as a piece of love from me in your entire life. Friends and friendship are the unavoidable emotions that we carry in our life. Through our journey, we rarely find such friends who are blessings of almighty. Pure mutual understandings between two souls are difficult to find in these days. Friendship is that feeling who averts isolation of heart. However, in complete lifespan a friend is somebody who contributes comforts without any benefits.
 It is said that, a good friend may know your all stories but your best friend is living with those stories. So, nevertheless, getting a best friend is a reward from almighty! We must have been living with so many friends and with much friendship around our life cycle. They are the will power of gearing up in those days where we find probably none. A special day may make these feelings more special but friends are out habits like taking foods. Exchange of love without benefits, sharing of pain with the confidence of getting emotional shoulder is getting rare in this machine world. War, fight, confrontation with each other seems to be taken the place of warm relationship of friendship. Nonetheless, we can tranquil in retaining of hope in friendship that can make our environment calm and peaceful! In between these times, many of us are blessed with some nice heart that can be called a true admirer for life time.
I have got a very exceptional tiny heart, which became my friend through wrapping his petite fingers with mine and gradually realized about his lone friendship existence in my vast world. Its you my friend who hear all my sorrow with plenty of admire! I become overwhelmed with limitless happiness in your success. It is only you my friend, who keeps all his promise through all potential effort. Your eyes comfort me to stand straight in disaster! It’s you in this entire world who renovates me with freshness in every morning! I have learned limitless tolerance from you that you have taken from my sleepless nights! I have realized your patience of tolerating my absence. We both are sharing a common soul with plenty of dreams ahead to achieve together! Friends in need friends in deed! Throughout your everyday whisper, you make me remember that I am your best friend; through all your scary breathe you try to find shelter in me as your best friend! Your sentiments that you build up every day, you find me as one of your finest supporting hand! By the course of time I am sure your world will be full with friends and by those times my firm commitment is there to be with you, till I exist! In the continuation of period, much warm affiliation will be build up to assist your life journey but friend like me will be no one for sure! I am the one who always pick you when you are down; I am the one who do not allow your drop of tear to the ground! I scold you for heading towards a better tomorrow. This kind of so many continuous tense are applicable in our friendship.
You have left with so many hurdles of life to face that you need to fight with courage and my friend! keep you can keep your faith on me! That one fine day you will find yourself as a strong human being to fight for the right thing in life. One fine morning you will learn that you a brilliant scholar among many exceptional. You will find yourself running overcoming so much darkness of your surroundings with smile and trust me my friend! The foundation has already been started. It’s not that I am doing all these only because you are a part of my soul or I am responsible to do so, among so many reasons, the meaning of friendship that you have build up in you tiny heart, for me, it is priceless. It is incomparable to any friendship in the universe that you have trusted on me for the very first time in your little life. In this very short life that you have carried only for these seven years, neither you understand friend nor the value of friendship. But you have understood this much importance of friendship of mine that you never deny what I say nor you break your promise no matter how tough it is for you! It is a letter of a very simple language my best friend that will take you to understand that I do not want any return on behalf of my friendship from you because I have come to know that you and your friendship is the only precious friendship in my universe. Bondage of strong friendship is not easy and sustains it worthy even a harder job. May the almighty bless us to can perform this hard job with honesty throughout our life with much enthusiasm. We are friends forever! Happy Friendship day: my best friend! Happy Friendship day my son!

(The writer is Vice Principal, Woodbridge International School).