Exterior paint designs

Weekend Plus Report :
A Victorian house in fluorescent hues would look terrific in the city neighbourhood, but would it be the best for your home? Get great ideas for your exterior paint designs.
Terrified of picking exterior paint designs? Here are some tips!
Picking out the best exterior paint colour and design for your home is not as easy as it sounds. In fact without guidance it could be a disaster in most cases!
Your home could look featureless and flat with the wrong colours; at the same time the right kind of colours could bring out the best in the architectural details. Here are some tips you could follow:
n Get a blast of colour from the past – if you are painting an old home, recreating the original colour of the building will be historically correct and also look splendid. You could opt for modern colours on old buildings; however, it may not work in conservative neighbourhoods.
n Keep the neighbourhood in consideration – you can always get ideas for exterior paints from your neighbouring homes.
Do not copy them as far as colour schemes are concerned but make sure not to clash colours either.
n Get help from nature – depending on your natural surroundings, you can use nature as your colour palette. So, if your home is surrounded by woods, choose browns and greens; if you reside near the sea, a combination of turquoise variations, blues and coral colours can do wonders. You could even pick a colourful combination from your front garden!
nMake sure that the colours you use on the exterior walls of your home remain in harmony with the colour of the roof.
nUse colours in accord with features that will not be coloured. A brick wall or a wooden door or even vinyl windows remain without colour. Keeping your colour scheme in synchronisation with these non-colour features of your home will make them stand out beautifully.
nThe question of how many different colours can be used is always a difficult one. You can try and have separate shades of the same colour throughout the exterior or even try contrasting hues. Where a white or cream coloured exterior makes a building look larger and offers dignity; well-coordinated contrasts can bring in modernity and exclusivity.
nDo make sure not to go overboard though – a maximum of six colours should be enough to cover the door, window, porch, bracket and other combinations.
nAccentuate trims, alcoves, projections and small corners or recesses with dark colours. These add drama to the overall colour scheme and also bring to notice these hidden areas.
Whether you choose many colours or many shades of the same colour, as long as you remember to maintain the balance, it should be fun painting your home’s exterior.n