Basundhara Group touches its target

Staff Reporter :
The driving forces belonging to Basundhara Group are used to holding the basic qualities such as knowledge of business, accuracy, time befitting and foresightedness, alertness, honesty and morality, innovative intiative and capacity to make decision, ability to operate, consistence and dependability, pragmatic energy and individual quality.
The driving persons in the group are aware enough of the aims and objectives of their business. In addition, the knowledge of business is to be supplemented by knowledge of finance, marketing and mercantile laws and all these aspects are essential to tackle the problems of complex business for 21 years.
Chairman Ahmed Akabar Sobhan and Managing Director Sayem Sobhan Anvir of the group are imperative for a modem business to appreciate the time and think in terms of time. There is a chain of action which must conform to the rapidly changing needs of the ultimate consumer. They are capable to forecast with foresight and look into the future. Having detected the wants, they must be capable enough to proceed intelligently to meet those wants.
According to them, the businessman is required to keep in touch with the developments taking place in his own country and the world. Business cannot be successful if the entrepreneurs get isolated. They must be alert in not only meeting the wants but in creation of the wants.
The 21-year operational experience of the group shows that the success of businessman largely depends upon their ability to make decisions promptly and boldly. Indecision very often results in missing profitable business opportunities. Decision-making is the basic ingredient of executing any task. Accordingly, it is necessary that businessman should be in position to take correct and prompt decision.
After enduring numerous ups and downs, Basundhara MD SayemSobhanAnvir has established his father’s vision of the future. He has upheld the dignity of his father’s trust.